Wednesday, September 22, 2004

My thoughts on the beheadings in Iraq.

The overwhelming majority of Islamic nations are fascist dictatorships. Even the ones that hide behind a religious patriarchy are in reality autocracies. A fascist state maintains itself through intimidation. Intimidation is usually achieved through violence. Violence is the only language the supporters of the former regiem understand because it was the dominate factor in their life.

So let's make it simple for them. One beheading equals one M.O.A.B.

It's simplistic, but I'm sure it'll work.

What threatens religious fundamentalists the most is a free, democratic society in the Middle East. It'll be a stabilizing force in the region. But that takes time and perseverance.

Germany and Japan took years to stabilize with hundreds of US deaths during the occupations. But because it was hard, did that mean we should have left in 1946? Is the world better off after the US rebuilt those nations? Would the world have been better off had we invaded Germany in 1936? How would the world view the USA if we had and would we have been right?


Blogger Alireza said...

My friend,
Terrorism thrives within the illegitimate borders of occupation and dictatorship; it festers behind security walls put up by imperial powers; it crosses those borders and climbs those fences to explode inside the countries responsible for or complicit in, occupation and domination.
Saddam was armed by the US administration to fight againts Iran and Taliban and Mojahedin in Afghanistan were armed by the US to fight againts the Red Army. The problem is the US military intervention almost all over the world from Vietnam to Chille to Afghanistan to Iraq to Nicaragua to Kosovo. The history of the world shows us that military intervention does not solve the problems. I agree with you that the Muslim countries are unders the dictatorship but we should also ask who put the dictators in power and who supports them.The Containment Doctorin of President Trueman has let the United State to support the dictators all over the world especially in the Middle East. The Shah of Iran and Saddam were the most infamous ones.Anyways,I can go on forever on this topic but it would be great if you do not confine yourself with what you are told by TheCNN, Fox News and the US administration.Read also what others have to say about their country and the consequences of the military intervention. Wish you the best!

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