Sunday, May 08, 2005

Florida Trip 2005

So I'm here now in Hudson, FL visiting my parents. My mother is rather ill, suffering from a perferated bladder. She was two hours from death; the cause would have been systemic toxic shock, urine invading the body cavity. But with Grace and a bit of luck, she has pulled through. She's still quite weak from the ordeal.

I've spent the week working. Just 4 days before my mother was taken to the hospital, they moved into a new house. My father hasn't gotten the chance to get the place set up properly. So from day one we've put an entire office unit together (that's a desk, hutch, cabnet, etc) gottena surround sound system working; sorta, amd my biggest project, getting an old compaq hooked up to DSL. The problem was that this computer, which I am using to post this so I obviously was successful, didn't have an ethernet connection. I had to find a compatable NIC, install it, then get piece of shit Windows 98 to recognize the new hardware and run. After 4 days I gave up and paid some kid $15 to do it. He had it finished in 20 minutes. Punk.

All in all, it's been a fun trip if a but tiring. My uncle Mike and Aunt Noreene are over from Ireland, so they've made for some good company. I've tried to locate some old friends from the time when I lived here, but all of my information is at least seven years out of date; with no base to start from, little time, and to be honest, even less interest, I didn't make contact with anyone. Ah well. I did get the chance to visit USF. I must say they've done an excellent job with the place. This was the first time I was on campus since I graduated late 1996. Campus life has changed greatly with the adition of seveal large dorm complexes. When I went there, roughly 1,500 of the more than 30,000 students lived on campus. I'd say it was more like 25,000 on cvampus from the look of it. They've also improved to look of the place, with lakes, foutains, and rows of trees. The place was a bit bare in the mid '90's.

It's a shame Jess couldn't make it this trip. But she'll make the next one. April 2006 from the look of it.


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Hey!!! I got mentioned in your blog. I'm so happy

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Blogger Tom said...

yes, now go update your own,lazy girl!

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