Friday, June 16, 2006

Stern Fan Attacks O&A Producer During 'Walk Over'

A Howard Stern fan approached Opie & Anthony during the XM "Walk Over" on today's show. The Stern fan first came up to the microphone and said, "This is Opie and Anthony's whole audience here? I just wanna say, uhm, Howard Stern has a huge cock and I love him."

The Stern fan then continued and was allowed to say his anti-O&A/pro-Stern comments on the air (calling O&A "douchebags"). There was some back and forth - where the unnamed Stern fan claimed Opie & Anthony steal "a lot shit [from Stern]" - Anthony responded with "steal a lot of shit? Yeah, like his radio stations!"

At that point the Stern fan then threw Ben Sparks against a wall and was subdued by "Club Soda Kenny" and "Master Po" who pinned the Stern fan down and made him apologize on air. His alleged reason for the attack was that Ben Sparks (Opie & Anthony's Producer) spit on him. He was held until the NYPD came.

"Alright, that worked out well... that was the best walk yet!" Anthony said afterwards.

The whole incident was caught on video


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