Friday, June 18, 2004

The Second Coming

I'm sick of people saying that Johnson's and Berg's deaths are unique aberrations to Islamic terrorists. These beheadings were in retalation for the US's invasion of Iraq. How do they explain the 6 US citizens executed in the same fashion in the Philippines? They can't of course. The truth is, the current Jihad against the West and Christianity has been smoldering for decades in dozens of conflicts around the world.

And what have we done? Strike at the enemy? Yes and no. Afghanistan was a needed step. Iraq, I have issues with. In the war on terror, there were several countries higher on the list. But now that we've completed that task, is the war going to continue? Are we going to strike at Al Quida's strongholds? No. Self-hatred of America and defeatism have ground our momentum to a halt. But our enemies aren't holding back. We've distrupted their networks, and I truly think they were given to pause by our response to 9-11-01. It was a dramatic departure from previous administrations. However, Al Quida still has resolve where as the US has lost it's nerve.

I'm reminded of Yeats.

Things fall apart
The center cannot hold
And a blood dimmed tide
Is loosed upon the world

Nothing is sacred
The ceremony sinks
Innocence is drowned
In anarchy
The best lack conviction
Given some time to think
And the worst are full of passion
Without mercy

Surely some revelation is at hand
Surely it's the second coming
And wrath has finally taken form
For what is this rough beast
Its hour come at last
Slouching towards Bethlehem to be born


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