Friday, June 25, 2004

Zum Stammtisch

Ah Zum's. Officially my second favorite restaurant. The food is vastly superior to my number one pick, Croxley's . the only thing keeping Zum's back is is limited beer selection. Ah well, I truly go there for a food anyway. It must be experienced.

it's not just the food and decor. It has a local neighborhood feel to it. I went yesterday with some people from work. I got there first thanks to my exceptional driving skills, my intimate knowledge of the Forest Hills area, and blind luck. Three minutes later and I would have been stuck on the Inter-Boro thanks to a semi. So I get in the bar and order a Spaten Oktoberfest. I sat in the corner of the bar and watched. Mostly old guys crowed around a TV watching the England/Portugal game. I watched a scene out of Cheers. As people spilled into the place, the 5 guys watching TV yelled out the newcomers name. Usually there was a nickname attached. Most people at the bar had a nickname.

my only complaint would stem from a perceived mistrust of strangers. I've been there before but not with and frequency. When I sat at the bar, the bartender ignored me. Blatantly. Our eyes me, I lifted my right hand (with a $20 in it) which is the universal sign for serve me a drink, and he just stayed at the other end. 4 minutes later, he wandered over because he had to get some Jaeger, so he took me order. when my friend arrived, I noticed the stink-eye they received from the bar crowd.

But hey, it's a local bar. It's their bar. I don't care. The restaurant part is populated by nice people.

Go there!


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