Thursday, September 09, 2004

JFK customs agent charged with smuggling immigrants

A Kennedy Airport customs agent was indicted last week on charges she helped immigrants enter the country with forged passports, the U.S. attorney's office for the Eastern District said.

Migeulina Ramirez, of Queens, was charged in federal court in Brooklyn Aug. 25 with alien smuggling and conspiracy to use fake passports for allegedly allowing at least three immigrants from the Dominican Republic to enter the country, according to the indictment against Ramirez.

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Another former co-worker of mine arrested. I feel bad for customs. US Customs and INS merged two years ago. since then 4 former INS inspectors, now CBP have been arrested. 1 for murder, one for manslaughter, one for being a kid toucher, now this. It's giving customs a bad name, but it's not their people.

I've actually known about this for years. I'm glad they finally did something about her.

In my mind, prison is too good for her. She violated the oath of office and betrayed the trust that was given to her. In my mind that is the same as treason. She should be shot. I'm serious. Put up against the wall and shot like the filthy fucking animal she is.


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