Monday, December 27, 2004


Holy Shit, that was the worst road trip I ever took!
It rained from Babylon to Wheeling. Then the rain turned to snow. At the rate we were going, the 8 hour trip was turning into an 11 hour trip, but that happens. When we reached Springfield, we found that I-70 had not been plowed. the major thoroughfare for the state was impassable. i couldn't believe it! it took another 4 hours to go less than 10 miles.

Once we got to Fairborn things were fine. We had a good time. Then Sunday, the trip home. After three days, I-70 was STILL not completely clear. The jagged pack iced ripped the shit out of my tires. We hit ice around Harrisburg that turned into snow around Allentown. All that combined with a major jam at the Holland tunnel made the return trip 12 hours in all.

I have no cruise control in my car, so my right leg, my knee in particular is killing me.


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