Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Are the morlocks too warm?

Feb 25, 2004

So, I was working in Manhatten today, as I sometimes do. While my partner, Scott and I were finishing up and heading to the g-car, I noticed something strange at the corner of  39th & Madison Ave. There was a canister of liquid nitrogen standing next to the walk/don't walk sign. It was about 5 feet tall with a rubber hose coming out the front. The hose was duct taped to the street and ran into a manhole. I could tell the canister was full because the valve was frosted over, and today wasn't that cold.

I thought it was odd for two reasons. One, it wasn't secured to the street at all. A car could have easily hopped the curb and knocked it over into a crowd of people. I don't know if a person alone could do it. Of course we were all crowded against it, but that's because we were waiting for the light. Two, I seemed to be the only person to notice this. Two guys were leaning against it! It just made me wonder; What the hell is going on under the streets?!