Thursday, March 31, 2005

Mitch Hedberg dead.

"I hate turtle necks. If you wear a turtle neck it's like being strangled by a really weak guy... all day. And if you wear a turtle neck and a backpack it's like a weak midget trying to bring you down."

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

TV Preacher loses it

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Monday, March 28, 2005

Dog in disguise

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Plug In Your Grieving Tube

How not to tow a boat

Friday, March 25, 2005

Kingdom Of Heaven' , Ridley Scott's Templar Knight

trailer here

Looks good, great topic. Templars are always an interesting topic.
I just have a horrible feeling that they're going to screw it up somehow (Troy, Alexander, etc...)

This is exactly what the world needs right now though, a Crusade movie.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Map of Springfield

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Terri Schiavo

Eveyone else has an opinion on her life/death, so I guess I should too. I am an advocate of euthanasia. If it was the wish of someone not to be kept alive by "extraordinary" means, then by all mean, allow that person to die with as much dignity as can be afforded. By "extraordinary", people usually mean, by artificial means, where a machine is breathing for the individual, or maintaining the heartbeat, etc..., because that person is in effect, brain dead.

Terri Schiavo is not brain dead, she has become mentally retarded through a collapse brought on by heart failure. She is not being euthanized, she is being starved to death. Euthanasia is meant to be quick and painless. Starvation and dehydration are not painless, even for the mentally handicapped. Why stop at starving Terri to death? There are hundreds of thousands of mentally retarded who are too handicapped to feed themselves and rely on others for their welfare; starve them. Be consistent. Then, we can feed the now dead handicapped to other handicapped, leaving more food for us able-bodied types.

That being said, the federal courts, the President, and Congress should not be involved. This is a state issue. The highest court in Florida ruled. They ruled wrong in my view, but that does not give the Federal government the right or the power to step on the state's right to decide this case.

Article [X.]

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Vapor Trails

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Just when I thought the internet had nothing to offer anymore

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

"I couldn't have shot her, officer. I had to go back for my GUN!!!"

Blake acquited.
Amazing. Every experience with the American legal system displays that it is a dark, mysterious, evil place; much like Mordor

Monday, March 14, 2005

Rocket, man

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Haunted sewing machine

i've got to stop surfing ebay
That link'll stop working in a few days, so here's the description:
Haunted Sewing Machine

My brother in law was at a garage sale. And saw several machines for sale. The lady at the sale told him that it was her Grandmothers machine. And through the years she had received several as gifts but this one was her favorite and she would not use the others. He thought it was strange how happy they were to get rid of it but he thought the machine was cool looking and liked the story behind it so he bought it to give as a gift to his mother. But after having it for a while he began to notice that the machine was making strange sounds at night. He also saw the foot pedal moving on its own a few times. His dog Zoe will not go near the machine without barking at it. My daughter who is 1 yrs old has had conversations with the machine. Well her babble type conversations. She will sit on the floor in front of it for a long period of time and just babble away to it. The people he bought the machine from have moved away so we have no way to return it to them. He has tried to give away the machine to several people but after hearing the story about it they don't want it. So I am starting this auction off at $1. He just wants to be rid of the machine. It scares him and his family. I am totally convinced that the machine is being haunted by the grandmother because she couldn't bear to leave the world without her machine so she never left and is in that machine. He refused to give it to anyone without them knowing the truth about the machine so that is why I am auctioning it. So he is comfortable knowing that the machine is going to someone that knows about its history. Thanks for looking.

Condition of Machine:

Was kept in storage after grandmothers death. Don't know how long that was. My BIL has had it a year. But all parts are original parts as far as we can tell. And the machine does work. Model #AH923668. Manufactured in 1948 in Elizabeth, NJ


Ok so I had my brother in law send me pictures of the machine to put on this auction. I am completely and totally convinced now. Outlined is the picture of a very pissed off person. I have outlined thier head , 1 eye and the begining of thier mouth. I have also posted the original for you too see. And of course others of the machine itself. PLEASE USE CAUTION WHEN BIDDING!! I truely believe that this machine is haunted. I believed before the pictures but even more so now.

Now the legal Stuff:

ONLY bid if you plan to pay!! This is not meant as a joke!! We really want to get rid of this machine and its ghost. PayPal only please. Credit cards are fine. Will only accept bids from buyers that have confirmed addresses. And I reserve the right to cancel any bids I may think are fakes. Shipping for the item will be either UPS or USPS. Will ship with in 2 days of payment. Thanks!




I recieved an email this morning with another picture of my machine. The person said they saw 2 other faces in the pictures. I see them too!! I cant figure how to add it to this auction...but if you would like to see it just email me and I will send it to you. Thanks everyone for looking! I cant believe how many have been! But Please SOMEONE bid!! We really want to get rid of this machine! Thats why we started it for only $1!!

On Mar-11-05 at 19:09:10 PST, seller added the following information:

Got help on how to add pictures. Here is the one with the other "faces" on it. And also the 666 picture from the bidder. Image hosted by Image hosted by

On Mar-12-05 at 17:24:01 PST, seller added the following information:

WOW!! Almost 2000 hits and some bids! This is great! I am happy to be able to tell my BIL that his machine will soon be gone!! I have been lots of emails from people that say that they have seen other faces...even horses in the machine. If you see something please email it to me..I would love to share them with others! If you want to see what I have gotten just email me..I am going to set up a photo album to view them as I dont want to confuse the auction with all the added pics. Thanks for helping us be rid of this machine!!

counter 1
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Questions from other buyers

Q: Yes this is a legit address :) and i am interested in the sewing machine, ghost and all. My mother had one when we were younger, and i swear the pedal...more answered on: Mar-12-05
A: I appreciate you getting back to me. :)

Q: Wow. A bid since I emailed you? Too bad. There was nothing before that. I understand the cost of shipping and heaviness. I sell lots of things. I am fascinated...more answered on: Mar-11-05
A: Dont know what time you emailed me but the bid was made at 17:59:09 PST. I will keep you in mind if the bid falls through tho :)

Q: i would gladly bid on the machine and its resident ghost if i had the money to ship. unfortunatley i don't, so can't play. but i AM part of a paranormal...more answered on: Mar-11-05
A: Thanks for letting me know! I would normally be happy to just give it to you but there is already a bid on it. So I cant do that now. I wish shipping was...more

Q: I usually don't bid on things like this. But I couldn't sleep last night thinking about it. Then when I came back to look at it I was number 666 on your...more answered on: Mar-11-05
A: WOW!! You really have us a bit freaked out now with the 666. Could you please email it to I will be happy to share it with anyone...more

Q: Hi there, can I see the picture with the "faces"? Thank you. answered on: Mar-11-05
A: I have emailed it to you from my personal email since I cant attach from here on ebay :) Thanks for your interest :)

Friday, March 11, 2005

The Page of Penultimate Atheism!

Monday, March 07, 2005


"They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security" Benjamin Franklin

I have that quote hanging in my cube at work. I see it as a reminder of the pitfalls of taking security too far. I don't mean to say that it shouldn't be taken seriously, the safety and security of America should be paramount. But Homeland Security lends itself to fanaticism, and it is sometimes hard to see the line between patriot and zealot.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Fifty-nine Deceits in Fahrenheit 9/11

Saturday, March 05, 2005


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Europe, thy name is Cowardice.

Matthias Dapfner, Chief Executive of the huge German publisher Axel Springer AG,has written a blistering attack in DIE WELT, Germany's largest daily newspaper,against the timid reaction of Europe in the face of the Islamic threat.

EUROPE - THY NAME IS COWARDICE (Commentary by Mathias Dapfner CEO, AxelSpringer, AG)

A few days ago Henry Broder wrote in Welt am Sonntag, "Europe - your family name is appeasement." It's a phrase you can't get out of your head because it's so terribly true.

Appeasement cost millions of Jews and non-Jews their lives as England and France, allies at the time, negotiated and hesitated too long before they noticed that Hitler had to be fought, not bound to toothless agreements.

Appeasement legitimized and stabilized Communism in the Soviet Union, then East Germany, then all the rest of Eastern Europe where for decades, inhuman, suppressive, murderous governments were glorified as the ideologically correct alternative to all other possibilities.

Appeasement crippled Europe when genocide ran rampant in Kosovo, and even though we had absolute proof of ongoing mass-murder, we Europeans debated and debated and debated, and were still debating when finally the Americans had to come from halfway around the world, into Europe yet again, and do our work for us.

Rather than protecting democracy in the Middle East, European appeasement, camouflaged behind the fuzzy word "equidistance," now countenances suicide bombings in Israel by fundamentalist Palestinians.

Appeasement generates a mentality that allows Europe to ignore nearly 500,000 victims of Saddam's torture and murder machinery and, motivated by the self-righteousness of the peace-movement, has the gall to issue bad grades to George Bush.

And now we are faced with a particularly grotesque form of appeasement... How is Germany reacting to the escalating violence by Islamic fundamentalists in Holland and
elsewhere? By suggesting that we really should have a "Muslim Holiday" in Germany.

I wish I were joking, but I am not. A substantial fraction of our (German) Government, and if the polls are to be believed, the German people, actually believe that creating an Official State "Muslim Holiday" will somehow spare us from the wrath of the fanatical Islamists.

One cannot help but recall Britain's Neville Chamberlain waving the laughable treaty signed by Adolf Hitler, and declaring European "Peace in our time".

What else has to happen before the European public and its political leadership get it? There is a sort of crusade underway, an especially perfidious crusade consisting of
systematic attacks by fanatic Muslims, focused on civilians, directed against our free, open Western societies, and intent upon Western Civilization's utter destruction.

It is a conflict that will most likely last longer than any of the great military conflicts of the last century - a conflict conducted by an enemy that cannot be tamed by "tolerance" and "accommodation" but is actually spurred on by such gestures, which have proven to be, and will always be taken by the Islamists for signs of weakness.

Only two recent American Presidents had the courage needed for anti-appeasement: Reagan and Bush.

His American critics may quibble over the details, but we Europeans know the truth. We saw it first hand: Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War, freeing half of the German people from nearly 50 years of terror and virtual slavery.

And Bush, supported only by the Social Democrat Blair, acting on moral conviction, recognized the danger in the Islamic War against democracy. His place in history will have to be evaluated after a number of years have passed.

In the meantime, Europe sits back with charismatic self-confidence in the multicultural corner, instead of defending liberal society's values and being an attractive center of power on the same playing field as the true great powers, America and China.

On the contrary - we Europeans present ourselves, in contrast to those "arrogant Americans", as the World Champions of "tolerance", which even (Germany's Interior Minister) Otto Schily justifiably criticizes. Why? Because we're so moral? I fear it's more because we're so materialistic, so devoid of a moral compass.

For his policies, Bush risks the fall of the dollar, huge amounts of additional national debt, and a massive and persistent burden on the American economy - because
unlike almost all of Europe, Bush realizes what is at stake - literally everything.

While we criticize the "capitalistic robber barons" of America because they seem too sure of their priorities, we timidly defend our Social Welfare systems. Stay out of it! It
could get expensive! We'd rather discuss reducing our 35-hour workweek or our dental coverage, or our 4 weeks of paid vacation... Or listen to TV pastors preach about the need to "reach out to terrorists. To understand and forgive".

These days, Europe reminds me of an old woman who, with shaking hands, frantically hides her last pieces of jewelry when she notices a robber breaking into a neighbor's

Appeasement? Europe, thy name is Cowardice.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Just for perspective