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September 29th: A great day in Appeasement

On 29th September, 1938, Chamberlain, Adolf Hitler, Edouard Daladier and Benito Mussolini signed the Munich Agreement which transferred to Germany the Sudetenland, a fortified frontier region that contained a large German-speaking population.

When Eduard Benes, Czechoslovakia's head of state, who had not been invited to Munich, protested at this decision, Neville Chamberlain told him that Britain would be unwilling to go to war over the issue of the Sudetenland.

The Munich Agreement was popular with most people in Britain because it appeared to have prevented a war with Nazi Germany. However, some politicians, including Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden, attacked the agreement. These critics pointed out that no only had the British government behaved dishonorably, but it had lost the support of Czech Army, one of the best in Europe.

By withdrawing from adversity in an attempt to avoid the conflict, Chamberlain created a war that was much worse then had he stood up to Hitler in 1938 or '37. Peace through strength works.

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Go Ahead

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Geek music. Got to love it. Home of the "Picard Song" and more.

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Microscope probes atomic frontiers

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Holy Shit this movie sucked! How could people give this a good review? The dialogue was trite, the sets obvious blue screens, and let us not forget the giant holes in the plot. The only good scene was when jude law punched paltrow right in the face.

I do think that particular type of CGI, making it seem to have been filmed in the 30's would have been better for a golden age Superman or Batman movie. Enough of the "modern" take on these characters, put them in their original setting.

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Klingons For Kerry

Klingons for Kerry
EXCLUSIVE: Straw-poll shocker! Fierce warrior race strongly backs Democrat.

Even as John Kerry struggles to establish national-security credentials nationally, an exclusive WW straw poll shows his campaign dominating one skeptical, warlike demographic: Klingons.

The poll, conducted when the DVD release of the Star Trek fan documentary Trekkies 2 attracted Portland's Klingon community to Tower Records on Southeast 102nd Avenue, may spell trouble for President George W. Bush.

The incumbent has staked his campaign on the war on terror. But those who speak the language of the Trek warrior race--known to disdain dishonor, or quvHa'ghach--seem alienated by Iraq and other issues.

According to the poll of eight local Klingons, a whopping 75 percent support the Democratic nominee.

Two Klingons polled--or 25 percent--said they planned to write in Satan.

Bush scored an abysmal zero percent in the poll.

"A good war is based on honor, not deception," says K'tok (Earth name: Clyde Lewis), a 40-year-old Klingon from Lair Hill. "The first warrior, President Bush, deceived us all with this war."

Portland Klingon speakers are increasingly influential. Last year, Multnomah County's mental-health services opened a search for a Klingon interpreter to work with speakers of the language.* Though the Klingons polled all appeared to be registered voters, they emulate an unfamiliar political system.

"On the home world, if there had been a contested election between Gore and Bush, the honorable thing would be for Gore to kill Bush," explained Khraanik (Earth name: Jason Lewis), a 38-year-old from Southeast Portland. "Or the other way around. And then ascend to the head of the High Council."

It's too early for Kerry to chill the ceremonial bloodwine, but Portland Klingons are clearly warming to the cerebral Massachusetts Democrat.

"Kerry has shown his prowess," says 33-year-old Neqha (Earth name: Eric King) of Tigard. "He saved his fellow warrior under the gun, and has been commended and awarded medals."

Neither the Bush nor Kerry campaigns were immediately available for comment on the poll results.

--Dominic Luxford with Zach Dundas

Real quick. The note that the mental institute had hired a Klingon interpreter is a bit misleading. They never put out an add looking for one, but they did add it to a list of languages that interpreters might be needed for someday. Not quite the same thing.


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what's wrong with this add?

That's right, another badger song

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My thoughts on the beheadings in Iraq.

The overwhelming majority of Islamic nations are fascist dictatorships. Even the ones that hide behind a religious patriarchy are in reality autocracies. A fascist state maintains itself through intimidation. Intimidation is usually achieved through violence. Violence is the only language the supporters of the former regiem understand because it was the dominate factor in their life.

So let's make it simple for them. One beheading equals one M.O.A.B.

It's simplistic, but I'm sure it'll work.

What threatens religious fundamentalists the most is a free, democratic society in the Middle East. It'll be a stabilizing force in the region. But that takes time and perseverance.

Germany and Japan took years to stabilize with hundreds of US deaths during the occupations. But because it was hard, did that mean we should have left in 1946? Is the world better off after the US rebuilt those nations? Would the world have been better off had we invaded Germany in 1936? How would the world view the USA if we had and would we have been right?

More Badger stuff

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Arabic-style writing prompts flight cancellation

Monday, September 20, 2004

Man Tries to Sue Wife for 5-Day Sex Denial

Green Card Is Ultimate Prize on Hispanic TV Show

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The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA)

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Mark Hamill Talks Star Wars Ep 7, 8, & 9

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The Original Stickman Fight

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New product from MS

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Celebrity Poker Showdown

Why am I addicted to this show. I hate Bravo. I don't gamble. The only cards I play Are Spades and 110. But I just can't stop watching this show.

Celebrity Poker Showdown

Monday, September 13, 2004

Calm before the storm

Havana's oceanfront prepares for the advance of Ivan, the most powerful hurricane to threaten Cuba in living memory. Photo: Reuters

More from those wacky Japanese

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Why isn't there more uproar over this?

TX Guard memo a hoax?

I wonder who could be behind this....? Why is there so little coverage? Pathetic.

A news report from Iraq that tells the truth!

Saturday, September 11, 2004

9-11 three years later

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101 Useless Japanese inventions

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Freedom, Democracy, and civilization have arrived in Iraq

JFK customs agent charged with smuggling immigrants

A Kennedy Airport customs agent was indicted last week on charges she helped immigrants enter the country with forged passports, the U.S. attorney's office for the Eastern District said.

Migeulina Ramirez, of Queens, was charged in federal court in Brooklyn Aug. 25 with alien smuggling and conspiracy to use fake passports for allegedly allowing at least three immigrants from the Dominican Republic to enter the country, according to the indictment against Ramirez.

Click for the rest of the article

Another former co-worker of mine arrested. I feel bad for customs. US Customs and INS merged two years ago. since then 4 former INS inspectors, now CBP have been arrested. 1 for murder, one for manslaughter, one for being a kid toucher, now this. It's giving customs a bad name, but it's not their people.

I've actually known about this for years. I'm glad they finally did something about her.

In my mind, prison is too good for her. She violated the oath of office and betrayed the trust that was given to her. In my mind that is the same as treason. She should be shot. I'm serious. Put up against the wall and shot like the filthy fucking animal she is.

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Thank you Frances

So, LI is getting the effects of Hurricane Frances. i knew this, I watch the weather channel. That is why I left for work early this morning. Nevertheless, I was totally screwed by the traffic. The Southern State was a parking lot. It took me over an hour to go from the Meadowbrook to exit 17 on the SSP. At that rate, I wasn't going to make it to LGA until at least 12:30. So I called my boss to let him know I was going to be late. He had in fact turned around and given up. He urged me to do the same.

I had a better idea. I met up with Mike and we watched A Shot in the Dark. At noon, we met up with my boss, John at Croxley's Ale house. We had a nice lunch and drank fine beers for hours.

Not a bad way to spend a rainy Wednesday. Hmm...looks like rain tomorrow. Pity.

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Let's rock!

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Strange Bed fellows indeed!

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This blog sucks

Why is it when ever I try to post something, insightful, funny or create an awesomely complex post using fancy html tricks that haven't even been invented yet, I fail?

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Fun with grapes

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I've never understood cricket

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The New G5 iMac

Click Here for video

Amazing! This has to be the best desktop to date. My only complaint is that they're still using that dumb ass single button mouse.